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Printing Pandemonium

So as I said in my first post in the new year, I wanted to print something out. And, as one of my Christmas presents was a printer, I decided to use it – I had intended to keep it in its box until I got to university but then I thought it’d be best to check to see if it worked first. And it was a good thing I did too.

You may remember that this printer was quite cheap when we bought it – it retails at a mere £80, and offers good value for money (especially when using non-branded cartridges). Well, obviously to cut back costs, Epson decided not to include a USB cable with the printer. So I had a computer and a printer, but no way of connecting the two.
So I decided to head off down to the local Tesco, having remembered that the Tesco Extra on the other side of town would be open today, even though it happens to be New Years Day. Except our local Tesco was shut. And although there is an independent computer shop just up the road, I couldn’t imagine they would be open either.
Fortunately my bacon was saved thanks to my dad’s USB slide scanner – since both it and the printer use standard USB cables, it was merely a task of unplugging it from the scanner and sticking it in the printer.
The installation of the drivers was almost a non-event – I literally plugged the printer in, Windows XP found the printer, downloaded the drivers for it and a few minutes later told me it was ready to use – and indeed it was. And that’s how it should be.

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  1. had the same problem with my lexmark. Why did you get an epson they are crap. especially the one you bought
    It wont take to long for you to work out who this is