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2002: A look back

It’s New Years Eve, so I guess that means I have to do one of these ‘looking back’ posts. 2002 was an interesting year: it was the year that I:

  • legally became an adult (in the UK at least)
  • moved away from home
  • chose, and later attended a university
  • got a computer of my very own
  • did poorly in my A-level exams
  • stopped using Internet Explorer
  • was rejected for a bank account, then got one from another bank
  • started a weblog, then restarted it again
  • got a webcam
  • visited France and Belgium, over 3 separate trips abroad
  • gained a social life
  • watched my first DVD
  • first ventured into Linux
  • made new friends, and lost some others
  • started to learn Java
  • witnessed another of my cousins getting married
  • became an editall at the ODP, and met some of the editors in person

As for looking ahead – I’m unsure as to whether I’ll be going out tonight, to celebrate the new year, or if I’ll be staying in with my parents. I have exams in mid-January, and again in June, then a long summer when I’ll probably find myself a job. Then in the autumn, my grandparents celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary. But other than that, I have no idea what 2003 will bring.


  1. Happy New Year, Neil! You = l337.
    And Linux isn’t something to be ventured into, more of something to be thrown into. Yay for newbie Linux users!

  2. Personal: Year In Review

    What 2002 had in store for me and what I hope 2003 will bring.

  3. Thanks, you too :).
    I’m getting to grips with Linux, slowly. I will probably replace Mandrake with RedHat 8.0 since it seems to be quite a bit better.

  4. Isn’t Redhat 9 out now?

  5. Nope – it’s RedHat 8 and Mandrake 9.