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More PayPal woes

I’ve had more trouble with PayPal. Long-time readers may remember my previous troubles. Since then, I’ve managed to register my mother’s credit card with them, and can now actually use the account. But only with her credit card.
You see, because I don’t have a US bank account, I can only use a credit card as payment. While PayPal are happy to take my UK bank account’s details, when it comes to actually making a purchase, I can’t actually use it.
My stance on credit cards hasn’t really changed – as it is I already owe the UK government nearly £1000 in student loans and will owe them about £2900 by the time April rolls around. Credit card debts are the last thing I want.


  1. Well, to cut all things short, PAYPAL sucks. My advise, DON’T USE PAYPAL. Regards, Mr. Anti-PayPal

  2. And just why does PayPal suck?