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I’m not personally gay, but happened upon the UK site today from Google News, after trying to to find a story about a laptop user burning his genetalia. The site is notable, because unlike other news sites, it provides its own RSS feed, and, if you visit it from a search results page (such as this one), it will highlight the search terms you were looking for. It also makes heavy use of >link< tags – if you visit the site in Mozilla with the Site Navigation Bar enabled, you’ll be able to use it to navigate the site, as you can with this site and many other Movable Type weblogs. It’s quite a nifty feature, actually – pity it isn’t enabled by default, or included in Phoenix.
The site also uses XHTML 1.0 Transitional, though a quick run through the validator throws 390 errors. Eww.
And as for burning your genitalia with a laptop… that guy must have one very warm laptop, or a very long attention span. I use a laptop on my lap all the time, and my genitalia is still fully functional, to the best of my knowledge.

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  1. It’s nice to be complimented occasionally…

    …even if it was back in December 2002 and I’ve only just got round to noticing! Neil’s World, a personal weblog by a computer sciences student, notes the work we did on adding and maintaining the <link /> elements that…