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Page mods

There’s now a ‘page mods’ box towards the bottom of the sidebar, which will let you select which theme you’d like the blog to display in. Besides the current Christmas theme, there’s the normal Blue theme, and an unstyled version. While this works fine using Mozilla and Phoenix, IE won’t let you access the blue theme. That’s Microsoft’s problem, not mine.
The code, by the way, was stolen from the Mozilla 1.0 Start Page.
I also made another CSS change, based on the one I made on Monday – IE wasn’t inheriting the font size again, this time on the newly updated sidebar headings. I also tidied the CSS files up a bit by removing some redundant lines.
If you’re wondering why I go into so much detail about CSS changes, it’s because I don’t really mind you opening up the source code and seeing how I’ve done things. After all, this is mostly how I learn – to stop you doing that would be very hypocritical of me.

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