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Not Ciaran

Ciaran has a new post on his blog journal, but actually it was me who posted it :). He’s up in Scotland at the moment, and sent a txt msg to me to ask me to update his blog journal for him.

Ciaran uses his own, homegrown blogging system, instead of a software package like MT or b2. He wrote it in Perl, and it currently supports trackback and pinging to The entry composition form is a combination of a LiveJournal-esque style and MT – you can specify a current mood (happy, sad etc.), current location and what music you are listening to, and there’s provision for extended entries like in MT. Entries are saved in text files on the server.

Although it is a mere 13KB in size, compared to Movable Type’s 2MB when fully installed, it doesn’t yet support editing or deletion of posts – those have to be done manually. But it has the potential to be a good basic blogging system, if Ciaran keeps it going.


  1. Indeed, it is a very nice journaling software program. I was able to extend it with comments and RSS capabilities (plus make it look more MT-like) in just a few hours – a real testament to Ciaran’s original coding. For the most part adding stuff just means extending the existing subroutines – ‘cuz they already do pretty much everything you could need.
    I’m hoping Ciaran will release it soon, I think a lot of other people would enjoy his code. 🙂

  2. Indeed, I hope he releases it too :). Especially if it’s open source – with your improvements it could be quite a killer blog application.

  3. Thanks Neil! 🙂 I hope he makes it Open Source too… I’d love to release my comment-supporting version under the GPL or something like that – we’ll see.