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Wasted afternoon

Over the Crimbo break, I had a great idea for how I could redesign this blog. The design would be similar to (whose new design is great), but different enough not to look too alike.
So, I spent this afternoon getting my ideas from my head onto the web. Two and a half hours later, I gave up. The new design looked worse than this one.
You see, Firda has quite a sparse home page; I don’t. And I really couldn’t bare to see some things go, to be frank.
I have, however, tweaked this design to make it a little more accessable. Those of you with Mozilla 1.2.1 or above will be able to access a third stylesheet, which is designed for those with impaired vision (the text is made larger and the colours are negated to give higher contrast). The post titles now use <h3> tags and the headings on the sidebar are now specified by <h4> ; the text is now in sentence case in the HTML source but is made lowercase by the stylesheet. This all means that the site should look much better in older or text-based browsers.
And at the request of mwaf a ‘skip to navigation’ link is provided for those in text browsers, so that they can skip the main page content and jump to the links that would normally be on the sidebar.

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