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Post Christmas stuff

So, what have I been doing since my last little ‘life’ update?

Well, Christmas dinner was alright – the ribs of beef we had were superb; they were cooked just right and tasted sublime. However, the steamed vegetables, done to a Delia Smith recipe, were a slight failure; despite following her exact instructions they were undercooked, and even nuking them in the microwave didn’t make much difference. But at least the main focus of the meal was alright. The Christmas Jigsaw™ (my father and I always wind up doing a jigsaw over Christmas) was done that evening – or rather the first 999 pieces were done; piece 1000 was nowhere to be found. I then went up to my room to watch TV (Alistair McGowan’s Big Christmas Impression, Only Fools and Horses and French and Saunder’s Celebrity Christmas Puddings).
Boxing Day involved a trip to my cousin Elaine’s house for another big family meal, this time accompanied by my other cousin, David, and his wife Lisa. The main dish was goose – it was supposed to be for Christmas Day but its sheer size made it too large for only 4 people to eat, so it was saved until today. It was today that I found out my laptop battery has a problem – it doesn’t last nearly as long as it used to. What’s worse; Windows was still reporting 75% power just before it packed in, so I imagine it’s somehow got overcharged and the capacity has gone down as a result. I did remember that recently the charger was stuck at 99% for a while before I realised it wasn’t really charging – that might have had something to do with it. Serves me right for asking for a laptop with a cheap Ni-MH battery – Lithium ones are sooo much better.
Back home, and BBC2 were running a couple of Arena programmes on Dead Ringers and Just a Minute. They were quite interesting, but were made unnecessarily long by poorly-related archive footage interspersed in the programme. While I appreciate this is probably the format of all Arena programmes, it just seems rather stupid and made the show infinitely more boring than was needed.
Today was spent in town, firstly booking tickets for Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (which we’re going to see on Monday at City Screen), then doing a little shopping, though I didn’t actually buy anything, despite having £30 in my wallet and a £15 HMV voucher, given to me by my auntie as a Crimbo pressie. My mum bought a new electric whisk, which was reduced in the sale. Handy that she broke her old one after Christmas, isn’t it? 😉
We then progressed to the designer outlet, passing all of the hotels and guest houses on Fulford Road in the process. All but one rather posh one were fully booked up. While there, I only managed to spend £2 on some Body Shop foot spray, though my parents took advantage of the January sales and bought a few other things.
Tomorrow we’re off to Manchester, where I might actually spend some money. It’s also my Dad’s birthday – he turns 58.

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  1. Lord of the rings….. it’s even better than the first film! Enjoy!!