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Les Trophees du Libre

While browsing MandrakeSoft’s website, I came across Les Trophees du Libre, or “The Free Software Competition” in English. It’s a competition, like the Webby Awards, but for open source software, such as those distributed under the Free Software Foundation’s GPL.
The range of sponsors is impressive – MandrakeSoft is one, along with France Telecom, Sun Microsystems and the European branch of the Free Software Foundation. It’s open to projects in both the French and English languages, though the English version of the website is a rather poor translation from French and has several key pages (such as the Rules and Regulations) missing. I could’ve done a better job myself, if only they’d asked ;).
Unfortunately Xteq don’t have any GPLd projects – a couple do have the source code included, but X-Setup, our flagship product, is largely closed source (bar the plug-ins). Which, despite only being released on Monday, has achieved nearly 400 000 downloads. Not bad, eh? 🙂

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