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Ho ho ho…

Merry Christmas everyone!
The screenshot (click to enlarge) is from one of my presents – the Hornby Virtual Railway. It’s a CD-ROM game that allows you to build your own virtual train set, based on the real Hornby Railways kits. It doesn’t have Hornby’s full range, but I imagine it could be useful for people wanting to build their own layouts from scratch but not wanting to buy loads of track that they don’t need. Indeed, the initial planning of where to put the track is difficult as not all pieces go together; you have to get the angles and lengths correct. A little frustrating but fun once the final layout is ready. It’s quite quick – the layout I built took me the best part of half an hour to do.
I also got the Epson Stylus C42Plus printer that we bought on that expensive day in November, along with chocolate and several items of clothing; 3 t-shirts, 2 shirts, a sweatshirt and some ‘karaoke king’ socks (it wouldn’t be Christmas without socks, now would it?). I also got a mousemat, a portfolio wallet and a FiloFax diary, which was nice.

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