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Home again

I’m back home after my weekend away. It was nice to see everyone on my mum’s side of the family again, and, as you’d expect, I spent most of my time recapping what it’s like to be at university (even though both my cousins have already been to university). Going over was fun; there was thick fog up on Saddleworth Moor (the high-up bit of the M62), bringing visibility down to a little over a 100 metres. Ironically the fog warning lights didn’t appear until we’d started to drop down into Greater Manchester, by which time it was mostly clear.
Coming back today was also foggy, though we were at least able to see the cars in front. We did unfortunately have to stop at Tesco on the way back, which, being 2 days before Christmas (yay!) was hell. The car park was nearly full and the shop itself was absolutely chokka. But we survived.

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