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Unhappy about Smileys

Well, beebware revealed his secrets, but unfortunately they didn’t work. After installing the MTMacro plug-in, I kept getting a rather nasty error whenever I tried to rebuild so I removed it. I may try again at another date.
This should be the last post for today (post number 7!), as I’m off for a shower and then going to bed. See you tomorrow.

One Comment

  1. You did follow the instructions exactly didn’t you? You’ll need to place the files under …/mt/plugins/ (which may need to be created), and /mt/extlib/bradchoate/ (which WILL need to be created).
    Once you’ve installed the files, rebuild to see if it works (just try it on your index page to test). If it does, add the MTMacroApply tag – rebuild. And then add the appropriate Macros (which you could do in a seperate template file like I did).