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One of those days

I’m having one of those days where I can’t seem to be able to get anything done. Firstly I try to go to watch the trailer for the CFH Help-a-Thon, Chris’ 18 hour Boxing Day TV show. Except that it wouldn’t work after the first attempt. The modem light kept going on, so I’m wondering whether Windows Media Player was trying to download it via the phone line instead of the ethernet connection which I normally use at home. It shouldn’t; my internet connection properties are set to ‘Never dial a connection’ at the moment – this is because Mozilla Mail tries to dial out if it can’t find the mail server via ethernet when ‘Dial a connection when a network connection is not present’ is selected. And unfortunately MyRealBox does tend to go down rather a lot. Like now, for instance.
I also tried copying and pasting the URL used in the HTML source and opening that manually in Windows Media Player, but it seemed unable to reach the server. Very strange.
I then installed the UABar widget for Phoenix, which unfortunately has the same effect as Digger; it can crash the browser. So it is a Phoenix problem, but at least it’s one that can be avoided to some degree. It did mean that I lost the entry I was typing at the time, which I’ll retype later.

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