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Been doing a bit of general web browsing for the first time in a while, mainly due to lack of free time behind a computer. Starting at beebware’s latest spam article, I went forward to Alan Ralsky’s file on (great for anyone wanting to seek revenge against the world’s most famous spammer), and the their Information for Spammers page.
This was interesting because it says where’s servers are located – The Principality of Sealand. This is a man-made island that declared itself a micronation in 1967, and is located 6 miles off the east coast of England. The reason why is located here is the general lack of laws; in fact the only hosting company there, HavenCo, says about the only thing that is illegal is child pronography; though HavenCo do prohibit the use of their servers for hacking and spamming. incidentally HavenCo hosts Sealand’s governmental website, linked above.
The micronation even has its own ODP category, along with several other micronations. Not all of them exists; some are jokes or just items of fantasy. but what really amused me was the Off Earth category. Yes, people have claimed areas of Mars and the Moon as principalities already, and even written constitutions for them. Some people must have a lot of time on their hands.
Before you move your server over to Sealand, be aware that international laws mean that, because it is within 12 miles of England, it may come under UK law. And the Home Office doesn’t recognise it is a state; indeed a search of their site thinks I’m looking for sealant.

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