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Home in time for Christmas

Woohoo! I’m home again!
I did end up staying in last night, but that was because the FND was sold out by the time we got there, which was just after midnight. And seeing as I had to be in a fit state this morning, I decided that sleep was the best option to take. That was coupled with the fact that I’d been drinking White Lightning (cheap cider for those unfamiliar with it) most of the night and it was really starting to affect me. That stuff goes straight to my head.
My parents came to pick me and my belongings up at 11:30am this morning, true to their word. The new Ford Focus is nice – the acceleration is much better than the Scenic and the improved suspension means that I don’t feel every bump (I’m usually in the back so I end up on top of one of the rear wheels). The legroom in the back is also good, particularly for someone like me who is approaching 6 feet tall. Pity the boot (read: trunk) is a little small, but hey, you can’t have everything.
We went home via Ikea, where I picked up a table for my printer (which I’m getting for Christmas… 11 days to go :)). Despite it being a Saturday in the run up to Christmas, it actually wasn’t all that busy, which is strange. Not that I’m complaining, of course…

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