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In a moment of minor boredom, I thought I’d check out an interview on the American TV channel TechTV, which involves Mozilla. It’s actually quite interesting – it gives you the background to Netscape’s downfall and how it hopes to fight back with Mozilla (and Chimera which is also featured).
Two points in the clip intrigued me. Firstly, I’ve been pronouncing XUL, the language used to create the user interface (and any add-ons) in Mozilla, as ‘ex-yoo-ell’. Apparently, its true pronounciation is ‘zool’, which I seem to remember was a platform game from the early 90s. I still have it in fact, though I dread to think what the speed will be like on a 900Mhz processor – it was already too fast on my parents’ old 486…
The other point was the interviewer saying that Mozilla is slow. I personally find it marginally faster than IE (Phoenix in particular is waaaaay faster), but maybe my computer is set up differently.

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