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Touched by the Christmas Spirit

Okay, I’ve officially decided it’s now the run-up to Christmas. Last night was Livingstone’s Christmas bash, and actually was one if the better nights out that I’ve had since being here. The music was good, traversing pretty much the full range (including happy hardcore – Bang!’s original version of “Shooting Star”, which was recently covered by Flip & Fill), and of course, the obligatory Christmas songs (Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas”, Wizzard’s “I Wish It Could Be Christmas”, Slade’s “Merry Christmas Everybody” et al). Hearing those at full volume in a festively decorated club really puts you in the Christmas spirit – even though Christmas day itself is a good 13 days away.
I also managed to drink a full pint of cider all by myself. This is a landmark for me since it’s the first time I’ve drunk a full pint of an alcoholic beverage in such a way. I’m not a lager or a bitter person, you see.
Unfortunately my camera developed a fault in the zoom motor last night, rendering it unusable – the lens keeps jamming. Luckily I was able to rescue the film – the wind-on motor still worked and the camera didn’t need to be switched on to be able to get it wound back – and it was nearly finished anyway. I’ll take it in for developing today, hopefully.
Today is also the day when I start packing things away to take home on Saturday – not everything is coming back, but I will need things like my clothes, stereo and, of course, my laptop.

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