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Another alarming post

Hmmm… what with firewalls and fire detection systems, I’m going to be #1 on Google for ‘alarm’ at this rate :).
Anyway, the reason why I’m posting at some ungodly hour is… you’ve guessed it, another fire alarm, though this time because smoke was actually detected. Unfortunately the smoke detecters aren’t sophisticated enough to be able to determine between a room on fire and rather burnt pizza, so when my colleagues down the corridor accidently neglected a late night snack while it was in the oven, we all had to leave our rooms just in case it was something a little more major.
Thankfully the source of the ‘fire’ was contained and no-one was hurt, and considering this is the first one for a while and was a genuine accident most people were in a lighthearted mood about it. Even an 01:20 in the morning, which is generally commendable.
The downside is that there is now a slight smell of burning creeping under the door, which is playing havoc with my asthma…
Maybe I should write more posts at this time of the morning? Okay, maybe not (especially as I’ve had to edit this to change ‘snake’ to ‘snack’ – maybe that site from a couple of days ago is affecting me?). Goodnight.

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