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Webserver Woes

Last night was the Pharmacy Christmas Ball, which is basically an excuse for pharmacy students and their friends to dress up smart and get drunk in a posh location, in this case the Elland Road stadium, home of Leeds United. I didn’t go, due to the cost of hiring a tuxedo and the £32 ticket price, but I did have chance to take a few photos of some of my friends who were going.
Anyway, it was suggested that we share the photos somehow, and today I had the bright idea of setting up a secret area of this site to put the photos up. I also intended to use Apache’s Basic Authentification system so that I could put a password on the files. Except that I couldn’t get it to work.
For some reason, it did not like my password file one bit. Whether that was because I wasn’t specifying the path properly or what I don’t know, but after a while I gave up and created a private group on MSN Groups, since that way other people can upload their photos without having to get me to do it.
Maybe I’ll try again sometime later, but I have to start revising for a lab test soon, so I’d best do that. Unix commands. What fun.

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