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Scrolling Snakes

(I should really stop these Lockergnome-esque post titles, shouldn’t I?)
The most recent issue of Lockergnome Tech Specialist (which appears to be Saturday, even though it arrived today and isn’t even published out on Saturdays) reports that Logitech, who make some of the world’s best mice, have finally fixed the scrolling issues, to the extent that the option to enable MS Office-compatible scrolling has been removed. This is great news, since it annoys me when Mozilla or Phoenix suddenly scrolls to the bottom of the page instead of a few lines.
Don’t get me wrong, Logitech make great mice – I’ve had 3 and they’ve all lasted much longer than cheaper unbranded mice. My current one, a Pilot Mouse Optical, is great on almost any surface, so I don’t have to carry a mousemat with me everywhere. The software isn’t that bad either. But this scrolling bug was really starting to annoy me.
I’m downloading the latest MouseWare drivers now (version 9.75) – I’ll let you know how I get on. In the meantime, check out another interesting link from the same newsletter. Remember, you should never allow scales to build up inside your computer.

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