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Another night in

My assumptions were right; we’re not going out tonight. I think everyone is just too fragile. The ‘plan’ is to have a big night out on Wednesday, probably either in Leeds or at Gaudi’s, seeing as it’s £5 to get in and drink prices range from 20p to 50p.
I’ve spent most of the evening investigating a certain SEO and their clients; specifically one from York, of all places. The site has about 20 different domains, and operates under several different company names. They even have a forwarding mailbox in Maidenhead to attempt to hide their dodgyness.
I’m not going to name the companies involved for fear of getting sued for libel, and because of the ODP internal data policies, but I will say that this SEO is going to have a hard time getting their vanity domains listed on the ODP from now on.
Maybe when I get home I could post a notice on the door of the company about this? Nah, that’d be evil. Sweet revenge, though.
Anyway, time for bed. See you tomorrow.

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