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Hubzilla – the follow-up

It’s been over two months since it was first published, but I’ve noticed that I’ve been getting a few hits for the Hubzilla article, including a couple of search engine referrals. It turns out that CharisMac were another victim of Toho’s oppresive regime against people using ‘zilla’ in product names, websites, and what-have-yous, and have had to change the name to the rather more boring FireWire Dino.
DaveZilla, perhaps the most famous of Toho’s victims (and one who seems to be somewhat off the hook), provides the details. incidentally, I still want one. And I still don’t have a FireWire card, or any FireWire devices, so it’d still be a pointless purchase. But hey, I’m a guy – I must have my frequent dosage of gadgets. Or else.

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