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SETI Stuff

Tomorrow is the 1st anniversary of me joining the SETI@Home project, and in that time, I’ve completed 125 units (the 100th unit was completed on October 14th). It also means that yesterday was the first anniversary of my parents getting broadband internet (oh how I wish I had access to that here) and just over a month to go before the first anniversary of this weblog (assuming that the old weblog is still a part of it).

Shortly afterwards, it’ll be the sixth month anniversary of this blog design (first introduced back on August 6th). Okay, so it’s been heavily tweaked since then (mostly due to the move to Movable Type) but the general design itself hasn’t changed much. It’s certainly the longest lasting blog design; while it’s not perfect, I currently see no reason to change it, since I can’t really think of anything much better.

Anyway – sleep. I was intending to go to Leeds again but only a handful of my closer friends are going so it probably wouldn’t be such a good night. And it’d be expensive. And there’s the Computing Society party tomorrow which I have to go to. Yes, there’s now a society for computing students, and yes, I have done a website for them (I’m in charge of PR) – I’ll link to it once it’s ready for primetime.

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