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In Pain

I’ve managed to burn one of the fingers on my right hand, while trying to rescue a burnt and smouldering pizza from the oven without really thinking about it. This, of course, has to be the finger I use for clicking the mouse, and the main one I use for typing. So I’m in a bit of a pickle since it hurts so much. Arrrrgh!
I’m tempted to strap an ice cube to it to numb the pain. However, I don’t have any ice cubes and it will probably melt all over the keyboard or something. Bleurgh.


  1. *cough cough potholder cough* 😛

  2. I’m sorry to hear about your burn. They can hurt horribly.
    Let me tell you my story:
    I’m over at a friend’s house watching some DVDs from his immense collection. We are also working on his computer intermittently.
    Out of the corner of our eyes we see something fly out of the open computer and hear a bang as whatever it is hits the table. Stupidly, without thinking I go over to the table and pick up the object.
    It turns out the object was the processor’s heatsink. The idiot had no fan on it and the temperature of it was definitely in the hundreds. It must have expanded so much that it popped out.
    The rest of the night I spent in a lot of pain holding a wet towel to my badly burned finger as they searched the internet for directions on how to treat a burn.
    Moral of the story – don’t pick up anything that flies out of your fucking computer.

  3. Finger Sizzle

    I just posted a comment to In Pain at Neil’s weblog. I thought that some of you might be interested

  4. Ouch…
    If I had a decent digital camera I’d upload a piccy of the blister that I’ve got. Though that would be kinda disgusting I suppose…

  5. ow bunda!!!!!!!!!!
    I burnt myself at work once (can’t remember how) and had to sit the whole day with my finger in a glass of water and use the middle finger to click with (and try not to use the mouse much!). Thankfully i’ve always used the keyboard as much as possible but it shows how much the mouse is used.