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Mozilla 1.2.1

Okay, Mozilla 1.2.1 is now installed, complete with the DHTML bug fix. I opted for a clean-ish install – in the past I’ve just installed over whatever version was there previously. Since this included alphas and betas, with hindsight this probably was not a good idea, so I uninstalled 1.2 before installing 1.2.1. I’m now downloading my favourite Orbit 3+1 theme, along with the Orbit Retro theme, which I haven’t used yet. Some would argue these are the only good Mozilla themes – I’m afraid I’d probably agree too.
Other than the bug fix not much is different. The installer still isn’t very friendly with ZoneAlarm, and I eventually had to reboot; the installer had stopped responding and absoultely refused to be removed from memory, even when using End Process Tree in Task Manager. Bleh.
Since Kim enquired in the previous post’s comments, I’ll tell her now that Phoenix doesn’t have as many options to play with (they haven’t been added to the UI) and you don’t get as many add-ons from as Mozilla users do. And you don’t have a mail client, chat client, address book or web page composer either. But you do get an improved popup blocker and the extra speed.


  1. And UI customisation, download sidebar and some really good themes like the ones from the link below:

  2. Oooh… nice selection. Certainly better than what has to offer anyway.