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As well as being the first day of advent, and the day when parents finally come to terms with the fact that Christmas really is coming and there’s nothing they can do about it, it is also World AIDS day, and so I feel it is only right to Link and Think.
Although I am, to the best of my knowledge, HIV Negative, and do not know anyone who has admitted to being HIV Positive, I imagine that to find out you have the HIV virus must be devastating. The fact that there is no real cure, the fact that you know you will die a slow, painful and premature death should the disease take hold, the fact that you can’t have intimate content with others without protection – to have to face that must be terrible.
While sadly this can’t be said about countries in the third world, it is probably fair to say that in the western world AIDS can be stopped, or at least marginilaised, if people were more responsible and didn’t get into situations where HIV can be transmitted.
Millions of people die from AIDS every year worldwide. This shouldn’t happen. Please, think.


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