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Taking on Leeds

After some initial indecision about where to go out last night, I ended up with a group of friends at Creation in Leeds. And what an experience it was.
Don’t get me wrong, Bradford does have quite quite a bit bit going for it on a night, but Creation was so much better. Firstly, it was still able to put on a student night on a Friday – in Bradford, only Gaudis really suceeds there (and Livingstones is a no-go area). Secondly, you had a choice of rooms (I spent most of my time upstairs in the dance anthems room… sorry… ‘Act’). Thirdly, it was packed – we’re talking over 1300 people in this one venue (and its fire certificate allowed for quite a few more). And the lighting and atmosphere just made it a much better experience.
Downside? Well, obviously it’s in Leeds so I had to set aside £6 for getting there and back: £1.90 for a standard rail ticket (I left my BR Staff TravelCard at home so it didn’t get nicked) and £4 for a taxi back. Then it’s £4 to get in with an NUS card (although the bouncers didn’t like my Prove It card – it’s genuine I tell you!). And once you’re in, getting drunk will cost you. £3.50 for a Smirnoff Ice (as opposed to the usual £1.80), £3.10 for a pint, £2.10 for half a pint of Coke (the student union charges £1 a pint), and, most criminally of all, £5.80 for a vodka and Red Bull. Ahem – Livingstones do that for £1. Ironically there were signs up in the toilets warning about the effects of ‘binge drinking’ – you can’t binge drink there unless you remortgage your house!
That said, people’s limits are different. It takes me 6 bottles to get tipsy (yes, I’ve counted), and a lot more to get wasted (though I’ve never tried). I’d be into my overdraft before I hit the floor!
But apart from the price I think just about everyone enjoyed themselves. I’ll be going there again…. when my bank balance permits.

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