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It’s customary for bloggers to take a look at their stats from time to time, and seeing as it’s the end of the month I thought I’d do just that.
During November I had a total of 26 633 hits, or 3 541 visits – that averages out at 918 hits/122 visits per day. This month has seen 250MB of traffic.
The most popular article by far was BlogDex Findings, with 574 hits. That page alone generated 12MB of traffic. The second most popular was the Create a fart post about a site I found via BlogDex; 101 things to do in Mozilla, 7-Zip and ‘Invisible’ Bank Robber were the third, fourth and fifth most popular respectively. The webcam was the most popular non-blog page (and yes I will turn it on sometime, don’t you worry :)).

Google provided the bulk of my referrals (391 of them) but I had 376 from the Rez vibrator article on Game Girl Advance, where one of my posts appeared on TrackBack. That post incidentally is also the most popular post as shown above. 109 also came via Yahoo, 78 from Google UK and 62 from the old domain. Richy C’s Blog and Technicolor Day are the two blogs which deliver the most traffic here. 23 hits also came from Is my Blog Hot or Not?

66 of you came here looking for flatulence – the top-ranking search term by a considerable margin was “create a fart”. “” came next with 28 hits, followed by “microsoft processor driver version 5.1.2600.28” with 27. “invisible bank robber” clocked in with 26. Other notable terms included “driving knowledge test”, “linux uptime”, “java vs .net”, “trance vibrator” and “blonde t-shirt buy”. Not as interesting as some peoples (Gretchen and Rapunzel have had some particularly bizarre ones in the past), but hey, it’s the best I can do.

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