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Thoroughly alarming

Based on the timings of the last two, tonight’s fire alarm spectacular should be at about 4am – the others were at 3am and 2am respectively. So I’ll have a good 4 hours of sleep before then, hopefully.
The wardens have finally put notices around saying that they are looking into who is responsible – rumour has it that they do know who but need more evidence, and that if it is them they face eviction from the halls. Serves ’em bloody well right too.
I’m having an early night because I have a sore shoulder, a headache and a cold, and sleep seems the wisest thing to do. That, and take paracetamol.
By the way, Richy has posted a good spam article to his blog. And if you like that, you’ll like O’Reilly’s Stopping Spam, a book I bought over the summer. I could’ve sworn I posted about it in the old blog, but can’t find it. Ah well, it’s late and I’m tired. Toodles!

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