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I’ve been a bad blogger again and not updated for a while. Sorry…

On Saturday, after much persuasion from one of the people downstairs, I watched the big game between England and South Africa – having a laptop meant I could watch it while still surfing the net, under Linux incidentally.
Earlier, we’d been to Melton’s Too, a posh-ish restaurant in the centre of York. I say posh-ish because, although the food is superb and the decor very contemporary, the prices are not astronomical and it caters well for families; it scores highly in the Child Friendly York scheme, something that my mother was actually involved in setting up. And yes, there were a lot of families with young children there. But it was nice.
Sunday was spent downloading big things and scanning in photos from my latest developed film; you can see one example on the left (click on it to enlarge). Eventually I’ll get a gallery of photos of me up, so you know what I look like – I may add a few of my friends too, if they let me. The photo, by the way, was taken in The Head pub on Great Horton Road, on Wednesday 6th November. And I had only had one drink, thankyouverymuch.
Sunday night was spent down at the Biko Bar, the other bar at the student union. It was quite fun actually; Sunday night is quiz night. And no, we didn’t win. In fact, we were rather… not very good. After coming home I tried, and failed, to get Windows XP Pro and Windows Me to dual-boot. Yes, it is possible. Yes, I have done it before. But, my friends, never, ever, bring NTFS into the equation.
You see, there were 2 partitions: C and D. C was NTFS and had XP on it. D was FAT32 and had Windows Me on it. The only way to get either of them to boot was by using FDISK to change the active partition each time. This is because Windows Me thinks drive D is drive C, since it can’t see NTFS, and then throws a wobbly because it expects everything to be on D. And all of this to run Worms…
Monday morning was a time to avoid me. Firstly, the fire alarm went off at some ungodly hour, and then I had a lecture at 10am; I haven’t had it until now since it used to be at 4pm on Wednesdays (so they’re now less monstrous), but getting up at that time is not something I enjoy. It wasn’t such a bad lecture though; I think I actually got most of it. Which is always good, I guess.
Last night I ended up first at Gaudis, which was nice, quiet and calm. Unfortunately, it was too quiet for some and so we trooped down to Livingstones for their RnB night. Which wasn’t that good since we were one of the few people there. I ended up going home early.
So, this morning. Another fire alarm (it went well beyond a joke in October, now it just pisses everyone off), but fortunately a late-ish start. I need to contemplate a shower, I think. See you in a bit.

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