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World such-and-such Day

The Daily Globe has a list of what months/weeks/days have special significance across the world, so I thought I’d check out their list for May.
(note: this list is available on many other sites, as a quick Google search will tell you)

Apparently, among others, it’s:
Mental Health Month, Foot Health Month, National Allergy/Asthma Month (woohoo!), National Asparagus Month, National Egg Month, National Photo Month, National Salad Month, Good Carkeeping Month, National Barbeque Month, Date Your Mate Month, Fungal Infection Awareness Month, National Hamburger Month, National Strawberry Month, National Tuberous Sclerosis Awareness Month, and Revise Your Work Schedule Month.
My actual birthdate is shared with Women’s Day, National Wine Day, Independence days in Argentina and Jordan, National Missing Children’s Day, the Bath Festival and National Don’t Utter A Word Day. Hmmm.

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