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Alcohol Withdrawal

You may be interested to know that I haven’t actually drunk any alcohol since Friday (despite what beebware says), which is probably the longest I’ve been without it since getting here. It’s mostly because I haven’t been going out much; many of my friends have realised that the workload is getting higher and their bank balance lower, so they don’t have the time or money to go out. I missed going out last night because I ended up chatting until about 11:30pm, most people don’t go out on Thursdays and I’m going home tomorrow so no FND for me.
Today is of course my day off (yay!) so when I finally decide to get dressed (yes, these past three posts have been made with my dressing gown on – and you wonder why the webcam is never on…), I’ll consider getting lunch and then probably wander into town to buy some Crimbo cards for people. After all, I do break up for Christmas 3 weeks tomorrow…

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  1. Did you get the shakes? If so, how long did it last? Going through it myself. Thanks!