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Getting WAP to WORK

The only problem with being a SIM-free mobile phone is that it doesn’t have many of the necessary settings for using the network. The SIM card includes the really important stuff (the stuff that lets you make phone calls and send txt msgs), but when it comes to WAP, my phone had no idea where to start.
Fortunately, Vodafone have all of the necessary details on their website, including instructions for specific phone models (although ironically mine wasn’t included, so I had to follow the instructions for a similar phone).
It’s good that I can do this without having to sit in a phone queue of death for half an hour waiting for someone to tell me how to do it. Though having said that Vodafone’s support desks are reasonably responsive; 5 minutes is the longest I’ve had to wait and they have been quite friendly and helpful.
It also makes sense for them; the more people that use the site, the less stress is placed on the call centres, and, ultimately, the less staff they need to employ, so they can ultimately save money, and retain customer loyalty in the process. In fact, I’d probably attribute Vodafone’s recent turnaround in fortunes to its effective cost-cutting measures.
incidentally, while trying to find that article, I came across this: ‘Vodafone accuses NTL of overcharging‘. It also goes on to say that a merger between NTL and Telewest (the other big cable company, who operate in the Bradford area) has been ruled out. Judging by the fact that neither company is in a particular healthy financial state, it’s not that surprising.

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