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Going the whole Hogwarts

Yesterday was mostly uneventful, hence the lack of postings, but last night I went with several of my friends to see Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets. I certainly found the film slightly scarier than the first, but the effects were very good and the story wasn’t too bad. And Cineworld has cheaper tickets on Mondays and Tuesdays (only £2.50) so it was well worth it; normally it’s £3.50 with a student discount. The cinema was almost empty; we were about the only people there, which is strange because the film only came out on Friday and is almost certainly going to be top of the box office charts this week. But then again, I suppose there aren’t that many people who go to the cinema on Monday nights.
One factor that slightly tarnished the night was when we were passed by a car with a group of Asian lads in it, shouting “White B*****ds!” out of the window. Ironically, out of the 10 of us that were walking down the street at the time, two were black and three were Asian. Hmmm.
Been having a few computer troubles, which I think relates to Norton Antivirus. Since yesterday, every time I check my mail, the system effectively freezes. Disabling email protection seems to have done the trick (and makes checking my email a much quicker experience), but I’m unsure how exactly it happened. I even tried doing a System Restore from a checkpoint on Thursday, but the problem persisted. Strange.

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