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Slightly cheesed off

I’m a little cheesed off today. I’m currently sat in the university Computer Centre, since the lecture which I was supposed to have at 11am has been put back to 11:30am. This would have been okay if we’d been forwarned; in fact, a short break after the first lecture I had today (finishing at 10:50am) would have been welcome. But I’m a little annoyed at the fact that I had to go all the way to the lecture theatre – which, I’d like to add, is on the fourth floor – just to find out that I didn’t need to be there for another half hour. Why couldn’t the lecturer just tell the lecturer from my first lecture that it would be starting late, and that she should pass the message on?

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  1. The scary thing is that this is quite common all over the place. I used to live “in the sticks” and I remember having to travel 12 miles (by public transport: so 1hrs travelling) to college only to find out my only lecture of the day had been cancelled. Nice!
    Whilst I was at college, I was also working part time in a certain well-known pizza chain and we had a staff meeting on a Saturday. Unfortunately, it was also the day of a certain ex-Royals funeral and so they decided to cancel the staff meeting: without telling anyone. Most people assumed it was cancelled, but there were still at least half a dozen of us standing outside a restaurant in a deserted city centre…