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More polls

Seeing as a certain Mr Beebware has gone through all of the polls on, I might as well do the same…
I am:

  • 45% Internet Addict (probably about right)
  • 30% Emo (I’m with beebware… what is emo? Isn’t he that annoying one out of Sesame Street?)
  • 10% Punk Rock (not my kind of music, really)
  • 29% Goth (now that’s scary. I do live with a few vaguely goth people though)
  • 22% Metal Head (I was hoping that’d be lower…)
  • 19% Ska (I thought that might be higher, since a few of my friends listen to ska quite a bit. Ah well…)
  • 29% Tortured Artist (not in the least bit artistic but it’s nice to know…)
  • 12% Grunge (yeah, I’d agree with that)
  • 47% Raver (woohoo!)

And I did also start a Polls category on here too, in case you were wondering.

One Comment

  1. I’ve heard the saying “Great minds think alike” and all that, but this is already getting silly. I was so tempted to make this comment in my blog and then trackback to yours – but LOL!
    Now go give Firda a hug! 🙂