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Welcome back Kim!

Yay! Kim’s blog is back! 😀 😀
Actually I have quite a bit of respect for her, what with all of the photos of her on the site. I’d never do that, mainly because I’m not nearly as attractive as her but also tend to be less photogenic (as evidenced by my generally gormless look on the webcam, and yes, I have had it on today). In fact, some of the photos that have been taken of me over the past 2 months have been quite awful…
Interestingly, in the 8 weeks that I’ve been here, last night was the first time I’ve been out on a Saturday night, basically because most of the clubs around here are full of ugly, desperate thirty-somethings at the weekends. However, Gaudi’s still seems to be able to put on a student night, and a cheap one at that; we went in just after 9pm when it was still free, and all drinks were 2 for 1 right through the night. VK Blue for £1.20 a bottle? Get in there.
Gaudi’s was where I spent most evening in the first two weeks, but I haven’t been there much since. We finally made it back there on Monday, and last night was the first time I had ventured into The White Room, which is the club upstairs and is covered by the same entrance fee (but we got there early so we didn’t have to pay :)). The music is pure cheese but generally happy, up-to-date commercial cheese, unlike some places (*cough* Walkabout *cough*).
So I’ll be going back there again probably next week. Tonight I’m unsure of the plans as I think we’re boycotting Bar:Me over their inflated prices. Actually, Gaudi’s have a good Sunday night line-up…

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  1. tee hee! *blushes* thanks.