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Alright Day

I’ve had one of those days where you do the things that you’ve been meaning to do for ages but never got around to, such as:

  • Tidying up my desk
  • Vacuuming my floor
  • Cleaning my (tidier) desk
  • Cleaning my trainers
  • Cashing in a cheque from my mum to partially cover the cost of the new phone
  • Finally paid my tuition fees (so my wallet is now £1100 lighter…)

I also had a test in CASS, which was actually dead easy despite my initial worries. And I only had to do about 15 minutes revision too.

Yesterday was interesting; myself and a couple of friends from downstairs decided to go to Tesco to… well, go shopping (why else would we go to Tesco? Duh). The thing is, there are 3 branches of Tesco in Bradford, and since none of them are just around the corner, we figured we’d need a taxi. Not knowing exactly which one we wanted to go to, we just said ‘the big Tesco’.

The taxi firm must have known we weren’t local, because 20 minutes later we were at Tesco Buttershaw. For those of you not familar with Bradford, Buttershaw is a suburb, right on the edge of the city. Obviously the taxi firm decided to take us to the Tesco where they could get the most money out of us in fares.

But that’s not all. Between 3 of us, we managed to spend no less than £123.56. That said, I myself only spent £18.11 of that, of which £11.99 was for a CD (“Some Things” by Lasgo – I downloaded it back in February but the UK CD has some extra tracks and I was feeling guilty).
Then, in realising that my notes for CASS weren’t complete, I went on a £51 bender in Waterstone’s, buying up the textbooks that I still needed. One of them, The Essence of Human-Computer Interaction by Christine Faulkner cost a whopping £22.99, despite being less than 200 pages long. Why? Especially when it only costs $20 in the US, which translates to about £14. Surely it can’t cost £9 to get a book across the Atlantic?
More to the point, why is it that I have to spend a total of £86 on printed books (remembering that these are just the necessary ones – there are many more on the reading list that I could buy) to do a degree in Computing? You’d have thought someone would have made these available electronically by now…

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