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Trackback accident

Heh… looks like Bunda had a trackback accident – he accidently trackbacked the BlogWise post 6 times :).
Had a somewhat uneventful morning, apart from being rudely awaken at 1am by one of my overenthusiastic neighbours. Oh yeah, and the university have threatened to disconnect my electrical supply – apparently I’m using 910W when i should only be using 900W. Which is strange considering I only have a laptop computer, mini-stereo and a desk lamp. Oh, and a surge protector. Maybe that’ll explain it…
Oh well, the lamp is now on a different socket, so it shouldn’t draw quite so much power. I’ve had to have it on more often because the weather has been generally dismal, and there’s a history of epilepsy in the family so I try to keep the room reasonably well lit when using a computer.


  1. How stingy is your university! how do they know how many watts you are using, and what does it matter? Just dont EVER plug in a kettle!

  2. Presumably some kind of intelligent wiring. That said, one of the girls downstairs has a fridge in her room, but I think she got special permission for that.