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MT Upgrade and Trackback

I’ve now upgraded to Movable Type 2.51 (not much different, mostly a service release), and have enabled TrackBack for all new posts. So, if you have an MT-enabled blog and find one of my posts inspirational, feel free to drop me a ping :).
You may also be aware that w.bloggar 3.0 has been released. Although it still doesn’t work on my computer (something to do with my net connection I imagine, since it’s fine at home), the new interface looks nice. A full list of new features is on the site.
There’s a double rainbow right outside my window at the moment – part of the sky is clear and blue and part of it is covered by mirky clouds. Typical British weather – it just doesn’t know whether to rain or not.

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  1. Trackbackation

    Neil has just enabled trackback so I thought I’d give him his first ping. *poof*