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Violence is bad

Last night, instead of going to the FND as usual, we went to Cineworld to see 28 Days Later. It’s a British horror film that packs violence, brief nudity, some mild drug abuse and a lot of swearing, but actually works well. In fact, parts of it are so close to reality it’s scary.
I also nearly managed to lose my wallet (which would have coincidentally come only a week after losing my phone) but after retracing my steps I managed to pick it up, with everything still in it. The SIM card still hasn’t arrived yet, but Vodafone said next week so I guess I’ll have to be patient.
Today I’m going to Leeds to meet up with my parents (since I haven’t spoken to them since last Thursday); this would normally be easy but there’s another one day strike being held by conductors on Arriva Trains Northern so there are less trains available. Oh yeah, I also updated the zip comparison table below, with GnomeZip, BZip2 and RAR.

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