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Okay, so I’m stealing an idea from Tony’s blog again, but this is rather cool.
(in fact, a quick look at the new BlogDex suggests that quite a few people are talking about ‘this’)
‘This’ refers to Googlism, a site which uses the Google API to tell you what Google ‘thinks’ of what you’ve typed in. Of course, it’s just taking data from Google’s results, but it’s fun.

For example, let’s search for ‘Neil‘. Apparently,
neil is a good person? (of course!)
neil is wanted by the law (um… help?)
neil is the best (woohoo!)
neil is my name (they got that bit right…)
neil is a real estate agent (…but not that bit?)
neil is my bitch (now that’s just scary…)
neil is passionate (heh…)
neil is still adding to his journal on an almost daily basis (yup!)
neil is god club (que?)
neil is a useless post (everything is, so what?)
neil is the head of centre and a leading researcher in software and systems engineering (and I haven’t even finished my degree yet!)
neil is in california (yeah… I wish…)
neil is gay (not last time I checked)
neil is the sexiest lizard i’ve ever seen in my whole damn life (sexy = good, but what’s up with the lizard thing?)
neil is currently featured in the september issue of “home recording magazine” with a 4 page feature on his home (!!!)
neil is hard at work in the studio right now putting the finishing touches on one of the most unique guitar projects in some time (and I can’t even play the guitar)
neil is one of a small selected group of senior students to have completed the most advanced studies offered in this tradition (hmm… my head is inflating)
neil is the secretary and treasurer of the ohio state bar association’s labor and employment law section (well I was secretary of DEVSU for a while)
neil is a 1986 graduate of the ohio state university college of law (I graduated when I was 2 years old?!?)
neil is a wanker (oh, charming…)
neil is right where top 40 radio is at nowadays (those karaoke nights are paying off nicely 🙂
There’s more, but those are some of the highlights. On to ‘York‘, my home town:
york is nuked (wha…?)
york is getting a museum on sex (wha…??)
york is no place for olympics (yeah, too many old buildings)
york is family friendly (awwww)
york is winning the drug war (good!)
york is the quick and easy way to sell your car (make of that what you will)
york is actively hiring (ooh… I need a job)
york is television city (hmmm… there’s a couple of radio stations but that’s it)
york is here (or there, depending on how you look at it)
york is a very old city (you noticed?)
york is “invincible” (of course!)
york is currently holding billions of dollars in unclaimed funds (hmmm…)
york is 45 miles west of lincoln (west??? Try north.)
york is just weird (oh yeah?)
york is better off without hillary clinton (did we have her in the first place?)
york is romance heaven (oh yeah ;))
york is desert (is that related to the nuking thing?)
york is enjoying a renaissance (yeah, I’d agree with that)
york is buzzing like a beehive about ‘hairspray (hairspray?)
You get the idea. How about my birthday?
may 25th is the prophets birthday and it falls on a friday this year (does that make me the prophet?)
may 25th is $200 (oooh… money!)
may 25th is tennis day (nah, Wimbledon is usually a few weeks later)
may 25th is just a day that happens to be two weeks after may 11th (can’t argue with that)
may 25th is dedicated to all missing children with the hope that they will all be located (awww)
may 25th is the stuffed animal day (and after a large birthday meal I imagine I’d be a stuffed animal. Well, stuffed anyway)
may 25th is cancelled (nooooooooo…)
may 25th is designated “towel day” in honor of the author (towel day? Are these M&S towels?)
may 25th is the senior ball in san francisco from 9 pm (long way to go for a birthday party)
may 25th is my birthday (yup!)
may 25th is val griffith’s birthday (who?)
Ah well, it kept me amused.

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