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Another longish life entry

Going way back to Monday night, I went out with my next door neighbour to Livingstones for UrbanChic, which was basically the same as last week (Vodka Naionwide) but with a better DJ and r’n’b music. There weren’t many out of our hall down there, either because the music didn’t appeal to them, they were too tired or had work to do. Although r’n’b isn’t really my cup of tea, the music wasn’t too bad I suppose, and I did get up and dance at one point…
Anyway, yesterday I woke up at about 10am, still suffering the after-effects of the DT and double vodka, and had another immensely boring CASS lecture. In fact, if it weren’t for the caffeine in the Dr Pepper I was drinking, I almost certainly would have fallen asleep.
Although I was intending to go out last night, in the end I didn’t, since I was still quite tired from the previous night, so I instead had a quiet night in and caught up on some sleep.


  1. This the neighbour who found you on google? Did you meet up with her?

  2. Nope, and nope. But I intend to meet her v. soon.