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Where’s My Sledgehammer? III

The Guardian are running an article called ‘Meet the new Zionists‘ on the front page of their G2 supplement. This article, coming from an atheist who believes in peace, equality and selflessness, really exasperates me.
It reports how the Christian Coalition of America is backing Israel in the Middle East conflict, with the usual Bible references as to why. But some of the comments made really annoyed me, such as the following:

Robertson prefers to dwell on Arab plans to drive Israel into the sea and the iniquity of Yasser Arafat and “his gang of thugs”. But he also cites the stories of Joshua and David to prove Israel’s ownership of Jerusalem “long before anyone had heard of Mohammed”.

Okay, so I’m not religious. But this whole ‘my religion is better than your religion’ really pisses me off.
It gets worse. Another Christian group were campaigning against the state of Israel, because their interpretetation of the Bible says that supporting Israel is wrong. Ooookaaayyy then…
But to top it off, I feel I have to quote a certain Jerry Falwell:

Falwell, on Robertson’s TV show, blamed the attacks on, among others, “the pagans and the abortionists and the feminists and the gays and the lesbians”.

The other week Falwell called Mohammed a terrorist, which might have accounted for his unexplained non-appearance at the conference.

Where I live, making comments like that in public would have you assasinated before you could even have chance to apologise.

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