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‘orrid day

The weather outside is horrible. It’s raining, it’s windy and it’s downright murky.
The clocks went back an hour this morning (so the timestamps on all of the posts are now correct), though I didn’t actually realise this until the clock on the taskbar was reporting a different time to my watch. Windows, of course, takes daylight savings into account; my cheap wristwatch does not. So while I thought I had woken up at 10:45am, actually it was only 9:45am.
Trouble is, my body thinks it’s lunchtime when it’s only half past eleven. Darn my stomach.
An update on the mobile situation: once I find a friend who is willing to let me use their phone, I’m going to have it deactivated. I don’t think I’m going to get it back, somehow. I’ve also emailed my parents to seee about claiming on the insurance (and also explaining why they won’t get through to me when they do the usual Sunday evening ‘how are you?’ conversation).
And while it is slightly old news, it appears that Wired is now using XHTML and CSS on its site too, instead of using tables. Full details are in their explanation. Good for them; it’s nice to see more big websites taking the lead.

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