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More Template Tinkering

The templates have been massively overhauled to use Movable Type’s Template Modules feature. It means that I can modify a bit of code in a module, and the change will be reflected on all pages.
After changing every templated page (6 in all) to accept the new RSS feed links, I felt this was gettign ridiculous. This means modifying the design should be a lot easier in future. If you move to Movable Type, I’d stringly recommend using this right from the start if you want your pages to look consistent.
Other new features include a button that automatically sends you to the page with my decoded Blogger Code, which itself has been updated now that I’ve been blogging for more than 9 months. The individual archive pages also display the post title in the title bar of your browser; I decided to add this feature as it may help Mozilla/Netscape 7 users since when you type in part of an address, not only does it give you the URL but the page title. If you’re looking for a specific entry, its should be easier to find now. And it might reduce the number of hits I get for the search terms ‘anecdotes’ and ‘extruding’…
And there’s a new addition to the Blogroll: MozillaZine, an unofficial but very good guide to what’s happening with Mozilla, Chimera and Phoenix, along with several projects on MozDev. Great for Gecko fanatics like myself :).
Talking of which, The Register carried out a survey into online banks and their browser support. It’s worrying how many require IE for access, particularly as IE cannot be run under Linux, or anything that isn’t Windows or Mac. You can read part one and part two on the site, and while I don’t always agree with everything that The Register has to say, I am in broad agreement with them here.

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