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More on the mobile saga

I’ve emailed my parents about the mobile phone, and they were fortunately very understanding. I’ll ring Vodafone to get it deactivated at the next opportunity, and I’ll also go along to the police station on Monday to report it.
After Andy suggested it, I took a look at but their site doesn’t appear to be working properly. Strange. Interestingly it recommends pay monthly phones for students; most other guides I’ve seen for students recommend pay as you go (since you can only pay using money you actually have).
I’ll be doing a little more tinkering with the template later today as it appears that some of the internal pages aren’t validating properly.

One Comment

  1. works fine for me neil – the only thing is that the phone is now a Motorola and not a Siemens C45. The other weird thing is that I cant type a capital n in this comment box (at least not with newszcrawler) – weird)