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RIP GBlogs, long live GBloogle

It seems that the old GBlogs site is no more – for those that don’t know, this was a kind-of for UK-based blogs (except it still used a spider which visited your site instead of your site making an XML-RPC ping). Anyway, popular UK-based blogger and occasional Guardian columnist Ben Hammersley is attempting to recover it by way of GBloogle (think GBlogs and Google). It’s been around for a while – it would allow you to search those blogs on GBlogs which had updated within the past 24 hours, but will now host the former GBlogs site too. Wahey!
Something to follow-up yesterday’s RSS post: I checked’s statistics, and found that only a few blogs are using RSS 2.0. I imagine this will grow over time, but 0.91 still seems to be the most popular.

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