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The Life Entry

Okay, so it took much longer than anticipated, but I hope you’ll agree it was worth waiting for :).

Okay, Monday night. We started off at Bambooza (formally known as The Blob Shop – no, I don’t know why either), where the VK is two for one, and they actually had Iron Brew flavour, which means I’ve now tried every VK flavour (apart from V Ice – that’s next in my master plan). We then headed across the road to Livingstones for the Vodka Nationwide night (the last one! :'( ).
As previously mentioned, this was the night with the mystery Big Brother III housemate, and, as I thought, they chose Tim. He was, well, like he was in the BB house. Boring. But hey, it’s not every day that you get to shake hands with a celebrity…
Okay, so you want evidence? Here’s his autograph:
Tim's Autograph
Not long after that, the fire alarm went off, and so we all had to evacuate – it took a while for people to realise it though since it just sounded like the CD was jammed. Anyway, no less than 3 fire engines arrived (this is Bradford, remember – I’ve seen at least 3 burning buildings in the 6 weeks that I’ve been here), and although I did get photos of the firemen I didn’t get chance to scan them. Anyway, I finally made it to bed at about 2:30am that night. Er, morning.
Tuesday wasn’t all that eventful – I did go into town to get my photos developed (so that I could take them home), and sympathised with the CASS lecturer – same problem as last week. Anyway, Wednesday (ie yesterday) I was celebrating the birthday of a friend – we started at the Bradford Ice Area (which is a dump – don’t go there), where I spent all of about 2 minutes on the ice before chickening out. Yes, I know, I’m a wumpus, but I can’t skate to save my life and was somewhat put off by various yougsters zooming around pushing people over. It also reminds me of one of the Ventures Explorers who broke his arm when he was pushed over at the Doncaster Dome ice rink. And it was an employee who did it, too.
Anyway, after freezing our nuts off, we headed onto Bar:Me. No, it wasn’t a karoke night, but the bar staff did refer to me by my first name, which is something, I guess. Something scary anyway. We then briefly went to Walkabout, though it closed at 12:30am so we then went on to Livingstones until about 2:30am before finally heading back.
Wednesday, for me, didn’t start until about 10:30am. I picked up various things and headed off for the station, getting lunch to take with me on the train. I was in York much earlier than I had intended but it was better than waiting around being bored in halls. Though with hindsight I suppose a longer lie-in would have been nice.
Anyway, my mobile phone has been acting up – the scroll buttons require a certain amount of brute force before they register, the screen is scratched and it looks like its been dragged through a hedge backwards – so I gathered I needed a new one. Went into the Vodafone shop where I was told that I could get a new handset, but would need to transfer my account onto a new SIM card and would have to pay at least

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