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C’est une monde petite

Just recieved this…

hi neil.:)
funny story. i was looking on google for the vodka nationwide site, (which i went to at livingstones on monday), and i came across your webpage. Instantly recognised you on the webcam, how funny is that?!? Saw you dancing, youve certainly got some moves! what was the camera for by the way?
Anyway my names Holly, i do peace studies at the uni, first year, think ive seen you around on campus aswell!.
Will you be there again on monday? if so id really like to meet up, you can teach me some of your dance moves.
Holly x

The world just got smaller. And it’s all thanks to Google.


  1. Whoo! Looks like you’ve got an admirer there Neil! What’s the URL of the webcam then so all the rest of us can watch you being totalxsive? 🙂

  2. Try the ‘Webcam’ link on the left ;), or go to .

  3. Image last updated: Monday 21 October 2002. 14:34:44.
    Saying that, I’m not sure if I really do want to see you dancing or not 🙂